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10 Spa Accessories To Give Your Hot Tub a Makeover

Whether you are using it as a focal point to meet and mingle with friends or a place to vent off stress, it is hard to miss out on the divine feeling of a few minutes in a steaming hot tub.

But the feeling is more intense when you customize your hot tub with spa accessories.

Here are some spa accessories that will give your tub a new touch of beauty and functionality.

1. Inflatable Drink Holders

A combination of a relaxed feeling stemming from the warm water and a refreshing drink is ecstatic. So let your hot tub hour be absolutely memorable with inflatable drink holders. These spa accessories come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials for multiple uses.

An inflatable drink holder can hold a glass of wine, can of soda, or cup of coffee effortlessly. Just inflate the drink holder and throw it in your spa.

Floating drinks will always lure you into spending more time in the hot tub. After an entertaining day, deflate and store them away in a kitchen drawer; they occupy little space.

2. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If your hot tub lacks inbuilt speakers, crank up melodies in style using waterproof speakers. Underwater speakers connect to other devices via Bluetooth to let you listen to soothing music to uplift your moods.

Other than that, their durability is unmatched; they can stay underwater for a reasonable time. Plus, they have powerful batteries which you can use to blast out music for hours.

A waterproof speaker should also support party themes. Thanks to that, some of them have LED lights that produce different colours forming wonderful disco-like light patterns. Who hates transforming their spas into a private club?

3. Wireless Floating Thermometer

Safety is always a priority when playing near water. Of course, you are less likely to drown in a hot tub, but you can get terrible skin burns.

Wireless floating thermometers got you. They track the water’s temperature and post the result on an indoor monitor.

4. Chlorine/Bromine Floating Monitor

While it is healthy to relax in bacteria-free water, the level of chlorine used in the treatment process should be on the lower side.

Like bromine, too much exposure to chlorine dries out your skin, causing itchiness. Rashes and premature aging are also common.

Thankfully, a real-time update on chlorine and bromine levels using the floating monitor will spare you from the worst.

5. Oil and Scum Absorbing Sponge

Let us face it; no one wants to take a dip into a greasy spa with a thick layer of scum. Even if you are sure that the floating oils are from your skin, aargh, it is a disgusting sight!

Fortunately, oil and scum-absorbing sponges will take care of the dirty job. They are made from polyurethane foam and coated in silane, attracting oils.

The sponge is effective for over a month, provided you wash and rinse each time you want to reuse it. It also removes the notorious filter clogging compound grime, reducing maintenance costs.

6. Floating Bar Tray

Take your appetite to the next level by buying one of the custom-made floating bar trays, which are like floating menus. So you can snack around or prepare a unique brunch without leaving the water.

These spa accessories come in various designs with custom-made and insulated pockets for holding bottles of wine or liberational champagne.

Do you want to watch live feeds from the Kardashians or closely follow Twitter trends? Well, buy a bar tray with a slot for a tablet or smartphone.

7. Underwater LED Lights

From creating a scenic underwater setting to lighting up the surrounding area, you can’t ignore the versatility of LEDs in a hot tub. And with a multitude of options, nothing can stop you from using your hot tub any time you want to.

Consumers can go with LED strips or wireless halogen lights in terms of design. Strips are small, consume less power, and are adaptable.

In contrast, the multifaceted halogen lights are pricier but are very reliable and brighter than strips. Moreso, they cast a variety of shapes on the surface, and some of them have remote controllers.

8. Waterproof Card and Board Games

Taking gaming vendetta underwater is fantastic. And there is no better way of achieving this other than buying waterproof cards and gaming boards to play with friends.

If you don’t have that one buddy who always claims he can beat you (but doesn’t), forge new relationships by gaming with other hot tub patrons.

Believe it or not, the cards can withstand the toughest standstill and the hottest hot tub temperature.

9. Aromatherapy Crystals

Humans thrive on the bounty of Mother Nature’s resources, such as aromatic plants and salts. Bring the same experience to your hot tub by purchasing refreshing aromatherapy crystals.

Thankfully, you don’t need to look further; buyers can shop for salts or liquids on top of crystals.

However, when shopping, go for oil-free pH-neutral products. Any aromatherapy salt that is not designed for hot tubs will clog the filters.

10. Towel Warmer

The worst part of getting out of a hot tub is using a cold towel to dry off; all the coziness slips away instantly. This is where the towel warmer comes in.

Towel warmers flaunt hundreds of designs, cost-saving options, and high-tech features. Most of them either come in bucket style,  in the form of a cabinet the size of a microwave, or as a free-standing unit.

I prefer the free-standing unit because it can be hammered on the wall and, like other designs, has an inbuilt thermostat to regulate temperature. But, most importantly, it can hold several towels, bath linens, swimwear, and jackets.

Generally, you can opt for an electric or hydronic towel warmer, depending on the heat source. The former connects to a power output port via a durable extension cable with a connector but is expensive to maintain.

On the other hand, the latter uses hot water flowing through your home’s plumbing system to generate heat.

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