Hot Tub Benefits

Hot Tub Benefits – 15 Health & Lifestyle Benefits Of Tubs

There are many misconceptions about the topic of hot tubs. “They’re just for winter!” is often heard right after: “They’re only for rich people.”

While it is true that the most effective use of a hot tub will require an initial investment, this does not mean they aren’t equally useful in summer. While you might not be planning to use it the same way, there are plenty of other practical reasons and hot tub benefits for using it during the spring and summer months.

Along with being a comfortable place to relax, buying a hot tub can offer a variety of hot tub health benefits. This blog post will start by examining the health benefits of using a hot tub, as well as some lifestyle benefits that may not be as immediately obvious.

1. Help With Relaxation and Stress Relief

One of the most popular reasons for using a hot tub is relaxation and stress relief. When you’re stressed out, your body’s functions can become unbalanced. This can lead to both physical and emotional problems in the future if not addressed.

Studies show that a hot tub will help relax your muscles and relieve tension in all of your joints, improving blood flow throughout your body as well. This will help to improve your mood on a chemical level, allowing you to relax and perhaps even fall asleep in the tub.

Playing music and lighting candles in your hot tub can enhance the relaxation effect. You’ll have a hard time staying upset when you’re surrounded by relaxing sounds and smells.

2. Help with Physical Therapy

During physical therapy, you can also use a hot tub to help injury or surgical patients recover more quickly from their injuries while minimizing scarring. By being in a hot tub, your body’s blood vessels will dilate more quickly and fully, pulling the scar tissue outwards.

When you use a hot tub after surgery or recovering from an injury, your tissues will improve circulation. This will also enhance the healing process so that you can return to regular activities quicker than usual.

In fact, famous athletes like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods use a hot tub at the end of their training sessions. Even if they do not have an injury, this can help prevent future injuries by stretching out muscles that have been contracted for long periods.

This type of therapy is called hydrotherapy, and it has been used for hundreds of years to help both athletes and non-athletes recover from injuries.

3. Help Your Bones

The high mineral content of water from a natural hot spring can help to stimulate bone growth and strengthen your bones as you soak. As your body is subjected to heat, blood flow will be increased through the relevant areas, carrying nutrients with it.

For geriatric patients with arthritis, this can be one of the best things to do. Their joints are incredibly stiff, but soaking in a hot tub for an extended period will help the water move freely through them and give them some relief over time.

Your bones can hurt from calcium deficiency, and they also lose density as you age. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done about this.

While a Jacuzzi may not completely stop your bones from weakening over time, the reduction in pain and inflammation is almost instantaneous after a few sessions.

4. Improve Skin Conditions

Because hot tubs will increase blood flow and circulation, they can also improve your skin health. The effects of aging are partly caused by a lack of vitality in the cardiovascular system. A hot tub can help to bring back a healthier look to your skin by using the increased blood flow to carry more of the nutrients and oxygen needed for healthy skin.

This effect will be enhanced if you use the hot tub in conjunction with products that contain collagen, such as moisturizers and lotions. This is a natural protein found in the body that helps to improve your skin’s elasticity. Over time, this can help to give you an overall healthier look while reducing wrinkles and age spots.

5. Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Using a hot tub for more than 30 minutes can help to reduce pain. The heat from the water will dilate your blood vessels, bringing in more nutrients while also carrying away waste products.

This is combined with the simple act of stretching out in hot water and releasing any stored muscular tension. Hot tubs can also help to bring down your body temperature after exercise or a long day at work, reducing pain and inflammation.

6. Improve Insomnia

The relaxation that you’ll feel from a hot tub can help improve insomnia, allowing you to fall asleep at night and sleep for a longer duration of time. Blood flow will increase through the major organs in your body with each use, such as the heart and liver.

That will help flush out excess waste products from your system, which can be a significant factor in insomnia. Ironically, the Sundance Spa is one of our best sellers for insomnia!

7. Help Improve Mood

If you’re sleeping better, hurting less, and even looking better, chances are your mood will improve. The water in a hot tub can also help to reduce your muscle tension, which is one of the primary causes of anxiety and depression.

During treatment, patients with depression or anxiety tend to feel more optimistic if they can get some relief from their symptoms. Over time, this should result in increased energy and a greater overall sense of well-being.

A hot tub can also be very relaxing because of the light pressure that the water places on your body when you are submerged. This is something spa companies have taken advantage of for decades by offering hot tubs as a part of their service packages to customers looking for a way to reduce stress or anxiety in the short term.

This helps to provide the body with more energy and vitality, improving both your physical and mental health.

8. Boost Your Immune System

The high temperatures in a hot tub are meant to mimic the effects of a fever, which means that it’s an effective way to help boost your immune system.

If you’ve ever had trouble getting over a cold, or if you’re just looking for a better version of yourself, then you’ll want to consider getting a hot tub. The heat will help increase your body temperature, making it easier to fight off germs and bacteria that might otherwise make you sick.

As with all things associated with wellness, it’s essential to try to get into the habit of using a hot tub whenever possible if you want to see the best results.

A study published in the “Global Wellness Institute” showed that people who used hot tubs at least three times per week had a much more robust immune response than people who didn’t.

9. Spend More Time Outside

Each time you use a hot tub, you’ll spend more time outside. This improves your overall outlook on life and gives you the chance to enjoy the natural world around you.

As humans have evolved, we’ve taken advantage of some of our basic instincts while rejecting others. While chilling out in a hot tub might seem like a luxury, it can help to improve our health and quality of life.

This is due to the simple fact that we tend to avoid spending time outside, thanks in part to clothing and shelter. But spending most of your time indoors is linked to several health conditions and other physical disorders.

10. Embellish Your Backyard

If you’ve ever walked by a hot tub and thought about how great it would be to have one in your backyard, then you’re not alone.

Having a hot tub will help improve the value of your home while also making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Many people dream about spending their days enjoying time in the great outdoors, and a hot tub can help make that dream a reality.

11. Spend More Time with Friends and Family

A hot tub helps to improve the quality of your time spent with others. The natural setting will mean that you’ll be more likely to enjoy yourself while relaxing in a hot tub for a few hours every week.

As humans evolved from nomadic tribes into towns and cities, social interaction has become less common. This leads to decreased serotonin levels and a host of other conditions that can be cured or improved with regular social interaction.

12. Healthier Joints and More Flexible Muscles

The water’s heat will help relax your muscles and joints, improving flexibility while also allowing for better joint movements. You’ll feel more agile when you get out, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy even more activities.

This can improve your overall health while reducing the risk of injury and pain, which is especially beneficial as we age.

13. Clean Pores and Tighten Skin

The heat from the water in a hot tub will help open your pores while also cleaning them out at the same time. This exfoliates the skin, helping to improve the overall look and feel of your body.

This is especially important if you’ve been dealing with problems such as dry skin or acne in recent years. These are all signs that your pores need a good cleaning, so make sure to get in at least once per week for the best results.

14. Weight Management

Hot tubs help to improve weight management, especially if you’re dealing with weight loss challenges. The reason is that you’ll be able to enjoy more time outside and because you’re moving around in the hot tub.

That means even when relaxing, you’ll be burning those pesky calories that you’ve been struggling with for so long.

15. Feelings of Satisfaction

Owning a hot tub or Jacuzzi is a bucket-list item for many people, and for a good reason. When you see how much fun your friends are having when they’re in the hot tub with you, it can help to boost your morale.

Add to your feelings of pride by ensuring that your hot tub is in tip-top shape, which means appropriately cleaning it and keeping an eye out for any potential problems.

This will help keep your hot tub functioning at its best and ensure that you get the most enjoyment possible from experience.

How Often To Dip In A Hot Tub?

In order to feel the full hot tub benefits of your hot tub, you’ll need to get in at least once per week. Those who use it daily for about 30 minutes-1 hour will feel the full health benefits of the heat and minerals.

These effects are cumulative, meaning that each consecutive time you get in will provide even more significant benefits than those experienced previously.

It’s also important to note that these hot tub benefits are not just limited to the person who uses the hot tub. There is also a positive effect on those surrounding them, such as friends and family members.

This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the increased health and quality of life for far longer than if you had not purchased a hot tub in the first place.

Conclusion: Self-Care is The Best Care

There is no replacement for good self-care. While many of us like to focus on improving the health and lifestyle of our friends and family, we often forget to give ourselves a little extra love.

While these things might seem unnecessary or frivolous, it’s important to remember that it’s those little luxuries that help to improve our overall health and quality of life. Do yourself a favor and consider the hot tub benefits of a Jacuzzi hot tub, along with the potential impact on your overall health.

If they sound appealing enough, feel free to reach out to one of our dedicated customer service representatives. Crystalview Pool & Spa can help you decide which hot tub or Jacuzzi is suitable for your needs and budget.

Contact us today to discuss all of the possibilities available to you!

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