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Model Color/Skirt/Option(s) Status
Tacoma Plat/Coastal Sold
Cambria Plat/VintageOak Hold
J-385/19 Plat/Silverwood/Eco/Smart Tub Sold
J-345 Plat/Bgr/Smart Sold
J-375 Plat/Brush/Stereo/Eco Hold
Lisbon Plat/Coastal/Oz Sold
J- 345 Plat/Smoked Ebony Sold
J-345 Plat/Brushedgrey Sold
J-335 Porc/SmokedEbony Sold
J-385 Plat/SmokedEbony Hold
J-355 Plat/Brushedgrey Sold
J-345 Plat/Modern Sold
Mont Plat/Brushedgrey Hold
Denali Plat/Coastal Sold
JV68S Glacier/Sparkle/Ozone/Suite Hold
J-335 Plat/Modern Hardwood Hold
J-225 Plat/Silverwood Sold
J-235  Plat/Silverwood Sold
J-245 Plat/Silverwood Sold
J-245 Plat/BrazTeak Sold
J-365 Plat/SmokedEbony Smart top
J-335 Plat/Smoked Ebony Sold
J-245 Plat/Silverwood Sold
J-225 Plat/Silverwood Sold
Denali Plat/Coastal January
Denali Porcelain/Walnut January
J-335 Plat/Brushed Gray January
J-345 Plat/Modern Hardwood January
J-355 Plat/Brushed Gray Sold
J-365 Plat/Smoked Ebony January
J-445 Plat/Smoked Ebony January
Optima Plat/Vintage Oak February
J-385 Plat/Brushed Gray Sold
J-345 Plat/Modern Hardwood February
J-335 Plat/Smoked Ebony February
J-315 Plat/Smoked Ebony 110 v Sold
J-245 Plat/Silverwood Sold
J-245 Plat/Silverwood February
J-235 Plat/Silverwood February
J-385 Plat/Modern/Smart February ?
J-365 Plat/Smoked Ebony March
J-355 Plat/Brushed Grey March
J-345 Plat/Smoked Ebony March
J-315 Plat/Brushed Grey March
Bristol Plat/Coastal March
Montclair Plat/Coastal March
J-280 Plat/Silverwood March ?
J-245 Plat/Silverwood March
J-235 Plat/Silverwood March
J-225 Plat/Silverwood March
J-215 Plat/Silverwood May
J-225 Plat/Silverwood May
J-325 Plat/Smoked Ebony May
J-335 Plat/Brushed Grey May
J-335 Plat/Brushed Grey May
J-335 Porc/Smoked Ebony/4 May
J-345 Plat/Brushed Gray May
J-345 Plat/Brushed Gray May
J-345 Plat/Smoked Ebony May
J-345 Plat/Smoked Ebony  May
J-LXS Porcelain/Smoked Ebony May
J-LXL Porcelain/Brushed Gray May
J-LXL Porcelain/Smoked Ebony May
J-LX Porcelain/Brushed Gray May
J-LX Porcelain/Smoked Ebony Sold
J-355 Plat/Smoked Ebony May
J-355 Plat/Brushed Gray May
J-365 Plat/Modern Hardwood/4 May
J-365 Plat/Smoked Ebony May
J-235 Plat/Silverwood May
J-235 Plat/Silverwood May
J-245 Plat/Silverwood May
J-245 Plat/Silverwood May
J-280 Plat/Silverwood May
J-225 Plat/Silverwood June
Montclair Plat/Coastal June
J-LXL Porc/Modern /Black June
J-LX Porc/Modern /Black June
J-315 Plat/Brushed Gray June
J-315 Plat/Smoked Ebony June
J-325 Plat/Smoked Ebony June
J-345 Plat/Brushed Gray June
J-355 Plat/Modern Hardwood June
J-365 Plat/Smoked Ebony June
J-235 Plat/Silverwood June
J-245 Plat/Chestnut June
Bristol Plat/Coastal July
Haniver Plat/Coastal July
Montclair Plat/Coastal July
Odessa Plat/Coastal July
J-385 Plat/Smoked Ebony July
J-355 Plat/Smoked Ebony July
J-355 Plat/Brushedgrey July
J365 Plat/Modern Hardwood July
J-365 Plat/Smoked Ebony July
J-375 Plat/Smoked Ebony July
J-280 Plat/Silverwood July
J-280 Plat/Silverwood July
J-280 Plat/Silverwood July
J-280 Plat/Silverwood July

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