What’s the difference of pools, hot tubs and swim spas?

The one thing that pools, hot tubs and swim spas all have in common: a therapeutic water-based environment that can help to improve your health, home and lifestyle. What sets them apart are features, size and overall operation.

Swimming pools are the largest option of the three. Often taking up a large portion of a backyard, pools are filled with cool water that is perfect for cooling off, swimming and entertaining friends and family. Most pools can accommodate anywhere from five to 15 people comfortably. Hot tubs on the other hand often have a maximum capacity of six to eight people. Hot tubs are equipped with ergonomic seats, digital controls and powerful jets, creating the perfect environment for stress relief and relaxation. In a hot tub, you will soak and lounge, rather than swim.

Swim spas are often described as the perfect combination of a hot tub and swimming pool. These innovative spa systems are often equipped with an open-concept tank area, ergonomic seats, powerful swim jets, and soothing hydro massage jets, allowing you to soak, swim or play as you see fit. User-friendly controls enable you to lower or raise the temperature based on your needs and personal preferences, with some models offering a dual-temperature experience.